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Professional Summary

As a former manager with the Deloitte Greenhouse - an innovation space and team dedicated to corporate "lab experiences" - I have a background in designing physical spaces, experiences, and strategic conversations that enable breakthroughs for government, corporate, academic, and NGO executive clients. I recently completed my master's degree in Inclusive Innovation at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in the hopes of blending my passion for social purpose with systems thinking, business innovation, and human-centered design.

Outside of graduate school, I freelanced as a researcher and creative consultant and worked with organizations around the world to bring complex ideas, processes, and conversations to life through visuals.


Innovation  Collaboration   Problem-solving   Creativity  Visual Design

Design thinking  Systems thinking   Facilitation   Visual thinking 

 Writing    Qualitative research   Communication skills 

Project Management    Team management   Leadership 

Growth mindset 

Work Experience


I work with clients around the world to infuse creativity into their work and bring ideas and conversations to life through visuals. I support meetings and events with design and real-time graphic capture and use graphics and illustrations to depict research, frameworks, and interview insights in an engaging format. I am also proficient in visual mapping techniques such as stakeholder, process, and systems mapping. I have extensive experience integrating creative methods & visual tools into business environments and love the opportunity to inspire creativity in others along the way!


Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, Graduate Researcher (Aug. 2020 - June 2022)

I worked as a graduate researcher with the newly formed EDP Food Programme team focused on partnering for short-term action and long-term interventions in the Western Cape food system. I held responsibility for stakeholder and systems mapping, supporting the design and facilitation of food systems change "learning journeys", connecting the EDP team to ongoing systems change and food systems research, supporting the monthly cross-sector Western Cape Food Forum, and connecting with civil society organizations and small businesses focused on local production for local consumption

Businesses, the SDGs, and COVID-19 in Africa, Research Assistant (Nov. 2020 - Dec. 2021)

I served as the research assistant for this collaborative research project focused on how businesses in Africa set sustainability strategies and targets, whether/how they use the 17 SDGs and underlying targets in those processes, and how COVID-19 has impacted sustainability initiatives. As the research assistant, I was responsible for project management and coordinating four country-based research teams, supporting interviews, analysis, and synthesis of South African research, supporting the development of academic papers, drafting team communications, and publicizing outputs via a website

Shifting Climate Leadership, Research Assistant and Co-Editor (April 2021 - Nov. 2021)

I served as the research assistant and co-editor for this initiative focused on global climate leaders' roles and actions leading up to COP26. I held responsibility for analyzing and synthesizing weekly participant interviews as well as contributing to bi-weekly editorial team decisions and publications

Resilient Leadership, Research Assistant and Artist (April 2020-Aug. 2020)

I served as the research assistant and artist for this initiative focused on global leaders' responses and actions during the unfolding Covid-19 crisis. As a research assistant, I researched participants’ changing environments and helped to synthesize weekly interview outputs for 12 participants. As the project artist, I also visualized key concepts and takeaways weekly to create a graphic published alongside summaries and podcasts on the Resilience Shift Resilient Leadership website


Deloitte Greenhouse

Manager and Lab Designer (May 2015-March 2020)

Across my time with the Greenhouse, I designed and delivered over 100 custom "Labs" for Deloitte’s top clients spanning the commercial, government, and nonprofit sectors. As a manager, I led a small team through simultaneous 4-8 week project sprints to design and deliver Labs and consistently managed 4-6 Labs at any given time. I facilitated design sessions to craft and refine designs, led pre-Lab interviews with executive clients, managed the extended Lab Team on the day of the Lab, and co-facilitated the Lab. I also synthesized and highlighted group insights through real-time capture and graphic facilitation and trained others across the Greenhouse on these skills. Outside of Lab delivery, I enjoyed serving as a mentor and coach for Greenhouse team members nationally

Site Design and Buildout Lead (2018-2019)

As the site buildout lead for the D.C. Greenhouse team, I spearheaded a multimillion-dollar effort to design, build, and operationalize the new Washington, D.C. Greenhouse, launched in the spring of 2019. I coordinated the buildout process across multiple workstreams including design, technology, training, operations, and marketing, continuously aligned multiple internal and external senior stakeholders to drive decision-making and planned and executed three launch events for unique audiences for a combined attendance of over 700 people

2012, 2013-2015

Deloitte Consulting

Strategy and Operations Consultant, Government & Public Services Sector (Sept. 2013-May 2015)

As a consultant, I focused on projects supporting the U.S. Government's supply chain practice and transition to category management. Our team deliverables included a 3-year strategic roadmap, Concept of Operations, procurement taxonomy, as well as designing and delivering strategic workshops, training, tools,

and templates. As the most junior member of the team, I received an Outstanding Performance Award based

on client feedback on my front-of-room presence while facilitating training

Strategy and Operations Intern, Government and Public Services Sector (June 2012-Aug. 2012)

As a Deloitte Summer Scholar intern, I spent supported an HR transformation initiative to implement a new unified hiring system for a government agency that processes over one million job applications per year



University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

MPhil in Inclusive Innovation

I am a recent graduate of the UCT GSB MPhil in Inclusive Innovation program. The MPhil is an interdisciplinary, research-based master's degree that blends class modules and academic research to address social and environmental challenges.

My thesis research focused on emergent responses to the COVID-19 crisis in Cape Town and how these groups moved from crisis relief to social innovation. I also supported multiple qualitative research projects spanning climate leadership, resilience, business sustainability, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


George Washington University

B.A. in Political Science

Graduate cum laude with a major in Political Science and minor in Sociology

Trainings & Certifications


Human-Centered Systems Thinking



Introduction to Business Sustainability

The Sustainability Institute


Innovation and Design for Global Grand Challenges

Duke University


From Ideas to Action: Bring Ideas to Life Through Ideation and Prototyping



Outside of work, I am an aspiring hiker, novice baker, avid fiction reader, dance fitness enthusiast, and iPhone photographer. You can typically find me spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, or curling up with a great book.

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